Purging Material for injection molding machine (Plastic purging agent)
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How to use? [for injection molding]

[For injection molding] How to use

How to use

Standard consumption and procedures

01When cleaning the cylinder/screw of the injection molding machine, after molding the preceding resin, Set the molding conditions as shown in the table below and repeated purging.

02After purging, change to the molding conditions and required temperature for subsequent material Use the next material to discharge the Celpurge.

Molding Condition

rotation speed
Back pressureInjection
10-30mmsame as previous material50-70%2-10%70-99%

Back pressure set as 2% to 10%

Do not use high back pressure!

For Celpurge cleaning, we recommend that you reduce the metering and continue purging.

This is because the contaminant is remain at dead space especially nozzle area where is hard to remove.

We call “back pressure purging”, in which the back pressure is increased to allow the resin to flow automatically, is sufficiently effective, but it is not effective if the Celpurge leaks due to weak pressure in halfway.

With proper back pressure
When purging by metering / injection operating, apply a back pressure about 2-10% so that the Celpurge does not leak too much from the nozzle.
Back pressure set as 2% to 10%With proper back pressure

If transparent resin is remaining
Take an air shot without continuing molding!

With transparent resins such as PC, PMMA, and transparent ABS with color, the residue is easily visible. Minor residues that are not a problem can be seen as white streaks.

Residues can’t easily removed even molding is continued.

When problem is residue of transparent resin, set the small metering then separate the nozzle from the mold, continue purging by air shot method.

Similarly for hot runners, open the mold, repeat injection with small metering, and discharge with air shots.

Release mold and nozzle

Celpurge that purging properly 
[Hot runner molds can also be purged(cleaned) with air shots!] (With audio)

Celpurge that can be peeled off 
[Reduces the job load cleaning and maintenance] (with audio)

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Usage by purpose

Hot runner cleaning

Use hot runner compatible grade
Cleaning inside the hot runner is possible!

Ensure to use the suitable grade for specific resin cleaning.
There are two methods, but the amount of Celpurge used is almost the same.

Celpurge for cleaning hot runners (with audio)

01Air shot the Celpurge with the mold open

After molding the preceding resin, set the molding conditions as shown in the table below and repeat the measurement and injection. For valve gate type hot runners, open and close the gate during injection.
It is more effective to shorten the metering position and to open and close the gate.

rotation speed
Back pressure
10-15mmSame as preceding material50-70%2-10%

* The injection pressure and injection speed have almost no effect on cleaning.

Air shot the Celpurge with the mold open

02Mold Celpurge

After the molding of the preceding resin, charge the Celpurge and mold the Celpurge until the previous material is completely removed. Pay attention to the molding conditions so that the Celpurge will not be over mold.

Also, NX-A2 is more brittle than general molding materials, so take care with molding dies with many bosses and ribs.


/ Compatible grades / NX-VC2, NX-E, NX-A2, NX-P2S, NX-S (, NX-VN2, NX-VK2, AW2)