Purging Material for injection molding machine (Plastic purging agent)
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How does it work ?
Celpurge Characteristics

Effects from : Celpurge Characteristics

Easy discharge of
preceeding material
due to interfacial tension

Celpurge controls wettability

It is most effective to use resin with higher viscosity than the preceding material for most efficient purging, facilitating flushing of resin through the flow path.

For the cylinder and screw inner wall of the molding machine, it is more effective to use interfacial tension than viscosity alone.

For example, if water or oil is placed on a frying pan that has been treated with a fluororesin, it will form into a ball shape and prevent the food from burning. This is the logic that was applied.

Celpurge contains a surfactant. By controlling the interfacial tension between the preceding or subsequent material and the cylinder / screw metal surface, the contact angle θ can be increased, allowing the preceeding material to be discharged smoothly.

Smooth discharge due to interfacial tension

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Excellent self-discharge

Full coverage over the screw

The purge agent must coat the entire screw and cylinder in order to flush out the original resin from the cylinder.

Celpurge is designed to slide around the surface of the screw by the unique rheology control technology, so it spreads over the entire screw.

Rolling around

Cylinder / Screw

Compatibility is important to prevent resin residue from remaining.

Even with normal resin, the resin near the metal wall will not be easily discharged. The surfactant contained in Celpurge increases the contact angle θ when discharging the preceding material. When loading with the subsequent material, it acts to discharge Celpurge itself.

Celpurge will spread fully over the cylinder/screw surface because the surfactant is positioned between Celpurge and the metal surface of the cylinder/screw (interface).

Even if you use normal resin, the resin near the metal wall will not be easily discharged.

Hot runner cleaning

The resin remaining in the dead space is also removed
No residue remains

Due to the structure of the hot runner, there is a dead space where resin tends to remain.

Celpurge is not a viscous-type purging agent, but an interfacial tension controlling purging agent.

Hot runner cleaning

Please select the hot runner compatible grade.

Celpurge for hot runner (with audio)

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