Purging Material for injection molding machine (Plastic purging agent)
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Type Grade Applicable Resin Hot Runner Filler Recommended Operating Temperature
For general-purpose resin NX-VC2 PP, FR-PP ○ (mold opening) - 160~240 ℃
NX-E TPE, PVC, PE ○ (mold opening / molding) - 140~240 ℃
NX-A2 ABS, PMMA ○ (mold opening / molding) - 180~270 ℃
NX-P2S PP ○ (mold opening / molding) - 180~260 ℃
NX-S PS ○ (mold opening / molding) - 200~250 ℃
Engineering plastic NX-VN2 engineering plastic ABS,
- 180~280 ℃
NX-VK2 inorganic (non-GF) 200~320 ℃
AW2 inorganic (non-GF) 200~320 ℃
NX-VG2 × GF 200~320 ℃
NX-VG3 Usability improvement grade
of High temperature(over 300℃)
× GF 250~340 ℃
For high temperature NX-HG PPS, PA9T,
LCP (Ⅱ, Ⅲ) etc.
× GF 180~370 ℃
For take out screw used NX-BS       160~260 ℃

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