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Grade Temp. Range(℃) Applicable plastics
  NX-VC2 160-240°C PE、PP、FR-PP
  NX-E 140-230°C TPE、PVC、PE
  NX-A2 180-270°C ABS, PMMA
  NX-P2S 180-260°C PP
  NX-S 200-250°C PS
  NX-VN2 180-280°C Engineering plastics, ABS, FR-ABS, PMMA
  NX-VK2 200-320°C Engineering plastics, ABS, FR-ABS, PMMA, mineral (non-GF)
  NX-VG2 200-320°C Engineering plastics, ABS, FR-ABS, PMMA, GF
  NX-HG 180-370°C PPS, PA9T, LCP (Ⅱ, Ⅲ) etc. GF
1. Do you currently use purge compounds?
  YES   NO
2. If the answer of Q1 yes, please inform us of your currently using purge compounds.


Using amount
3. Please inform us of your main plastics.
 PVC    PE    PP    PS    ABS    TPE ( Elastomer)  
 POM    PA6    PA66    PC/ABS    Modified PPE    PET  
 PC    Super engineering plastics     Clear plastics(PMMA、transparent ABS、COC、COP)
4. Molding temperature (Cylinder temperature) ?
5. Please inform us of your processings.
 Injection molding    Compounding    extrusion molding( Profile, tube, inflation film)  

 T-die sheeting/filming    Blow molding       Others 

【Machine Size】
Mold Clamping Force ton
Screw diameter mm

【 If injection molding, 】
・Cold runner
・Hot runner→  Open gate    Valve gate  
6. Please inform us that you expect to CELPURGE.
 Changeover of colors     Changeover of plastics    Remove hard deposit / black specs

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