Purging Material for injection molding machine (Plastic purging agent)
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What is Celpurge?

What are the features of Celpurge?

Based on knowledge and experience as a resin manufacturer
Theoretical designed of purging agent

Celpurge is designed by Daicel Miraizu, which has designed, manufactured, and sold various resins centered on polymer alloys. It is a purging agent made by accumulating experiments with serious consideration for purging.

Compatible with a wide range of resins
It covers a wide range from general-purpose resins to engineering plastics and some super engineering plastics.
The molding method is not limited to the cylinder / screw of the injection molding machine.
There are several grades suitable for hot runners, inflation film molding, blow molding, extrusion and kneading machines.
Can be used as it is in pellet form
You can use it as it is without any prior blending.
Easy-to-understand end point of purging
Instead of changing little by little, the front material and color are replaced cleanly, so It is easy to determine the end point of purging.
Effective for hot runner cleaning.
Celpurge overturned the conventional concept that “Purge agent cannot be used for hot runner“.
It is also possible to change the color while continuing molding, We are contributing to the efficiency of the color change process for many customers.

Major grades

  • Non-filler for engineering plastics | Celpurge NX-VN2
    Non-filler for engineering plastics
  • GF for engineering plastics | Celpurge NX-VG2
    GF for engineering plastics
  • Non-filler for polyolefin | Celpurge NX-VC2
    Non-filler for polyolefin

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What benefits are there?

Color and material changeover can be completed

Color and material changeover can be completed

The time for setup change can be shortened, and the amount of resin waste and material loss can be reduced, which is eco-friendly and economical.The incidence of foreign material defects can be reduced, and it is also effective to remove black spots and carbonized foreign material.

Those who are in trouble because it takes time to change colors and materials, If you are having trouble eliminating black spots or foreign material on molded products, please use it!

High cost?
-Advantages of introduction based on price-

It’s not just a cost reduction!
Increase production efficiency

The price per kg of purging agent is not cheaper than ordinary plastics.
Therefore, if you compare only the price per kg, you will not notice the merit of introduction.

However, the actual cost is multiplied by the usage amount, so if the switching time is shortened, the merit will be significant. Not only labor costs be reduced, also reduce the production downtime.

Advantages of using purge agent

With significant cleaning performance, purging agent worth to use even cost is high.
Improving productivity is not just about cost reduction.
Improve productivity and increase profits with the purging agent!

Low cost, short time
High cost, long time


When changing the color of ABS on 850 tons injection machine with hot runner, if you use Celpurge NX-VN2, it will be completed in 5 minutes with 5 kg. If you try to replace this with the ABS natural, you will need 20 to 30 kg over 20 to 30 minutes. (Depending on the structure of the mold and screw.)
If the labor cost of 1,500 yen / hr is required, the labor cost for 25 minutes is about 600 yen. Material consumption and labor cost reduction is about 4,950 yen.

However, in 25 minutes can produce profitable end products.

… Actually easy
-Advantages of introducing from an environmental perspective-

Reduction of industrial waste and CO2 emissions

By using Celpurge, the amount of waste generated during purging can be greatly reduced.
Therefore, it leads to suppressing the amount of CO2 generated when incinerating purge waste, It also good to protect the environment.

Annual amount of purged waste


When replacing the ABS resin remaining in the hot runner, compare the amount of waste between purging with Celpurge NX-VN2 and purging with ABS material.
Assuming that the consumption of NX-VN2 per year is 1000kg, 4000kg ABS material will use.

As a result, the amount of waste can be reduced by 75%, CO2 generated from waste incineration can be reduced.

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