CELPURGE for Maintenance

The best solution for black specs is not removing it but to avoid yielding it.

Thoroughly carbonized plastics adheres to the metal surface very strongly and cannot be removed with purging compounds. It does not thermally plasticize, but it peels off irregularly and contaminates moldings.
Regular maintenance to avoid carbonization of plastics is more important than removal of carbonized plastics.

3 rules to avoid carbonization.

Don’t empty machines.

Plastics in you machines will carbonizes when it meets oxygen during hot. Fill your machines with CELPURGE during their downtime to shut out oxygen.

Use CELPURGE regularly and remove half-carbonized plastics.

If you continue molding very long time, molten plastics may thermally carbonize even without oxygen. Use CELPURGE regularly, such as once a week during continuous manufacturing, and keep inside of your machines clean. Frequently

Frequently clean with CELPURGE for easily-damaged plastics.

If you mold flame-retardant plastics or other easily-damaged plastics, clean your machines more frequently with CELPURGE, such as once a day. CELPURGE leaves