Scrubbing Power of Fillers

GLASS Fiber-Filled CELPURGE removes carbonized plastics.

Molten resin carbonizes when contact with air or heated long period.

  1. after you finished molding, plastics in the machine carbonizes. Or if you continue molding for long days without stop, molten plastics in contact with heating barrel decomposes and cross-links. Molding essentially easy-carbonizing plastics at high temperature, such as flame-retardant plastics, often results in also yielding carbonized plastics.

Removing carbonized plastics with glass fibers

Cross-linked / carbonized plastics does not melt with heat. They adhere metal surfaces firmly, but they sometimes peel off with some trigger, which leads the contamination of moldings.

Glass fibers in CELPURGE, when CELPURGE flows in molding machines, scrubs the surface of carbonized plastics and peels them away effectively.
Combination of glass-filled grade and non-filled grade is also recommended if glass-filled grade does not work well enough, because the content rate of plastics and additives is relatively low for glass-filled grade. Maintenance