Grade Selection Guide

To select a suitable grade is the most important to bring out the true ability of CELPURGE.

It is important in the first place to select a suitable grade, stay of CELPURGE in subsequent moldings depends on polarity of plastics.
Please refer to the following points and choose a suitable grade.

The most important points are:

  • 1) categorize your plastics into olefinic polymers, ABS and engineering plastics, and super engineering plastics. (They have different purging mechanisms, respectively.)
  • 2) Think about not only the precedent plastics but also the subsequent plastics. (It is important for no stay of CELPURGE in subsequent moldings.)

For color changes of olefinic polymers, and for material changes to olefinic polymers,

Use NX-VC2 / NX-E / NX-P2S. Olefinic polymers have very low polarity and cannot discharge NX-VN2 / NX-VK2 / NX-VG2 thoroughly.

For high processing temperature plastics (super engineering plastics),

Choose NX-HG.

For material changes from engineering plastics to olefinic polymers,

Combination of NX-VN2 / NX-VK2 / NX-VG2 and NX-VC2 / NX-E / NX-P2S is highly recommended.

For removal of black specs/carbonized plastics,

Choose GF-filled grade, NX-VG2. ( NX-VN2 is effective if it is removal of mild black specs.)

CELPURGE has special grades for
hot runner systems.

CELPURGE for hot runner systems can very effectively clean hot runner systems, which may have some dead spaces along flow channels and around gates. Be sure to choose an appropriate grade for the plastics you are molding.

If you are in trouble with grade selection, please refer to the following flow chart.