Cleaning H/R systems

CELPURGE NX for hot runner systems is a powerful tool for cleaning hot runner systems.

※ Surely choose suitable grade for the plastics in the H/R mold.
※ 2 procedures shown below require almost same amount of CELPURGE.

Repeat air shots with the mold open.

After you finish molding of precedent plastics, set the parameters as shown below, and repeat metering and discharging CELPURGE.
If it is a valve gates hot runner system, it is recommended to open and close gates at every metering and discharging.
Setting the metering position smaller and frequent repeating gate-open/close procedure leads better cleaning.

Metering position Barrel temp Screw rotation Back pressure
10-15mm keep unchanged 50-70% 2-10%

Injection pressure and injection speed do not influence the cleaning performance.

Mold CELPURGE for cleaning

After you finish molding of precedent plastics, mold CELPURGE until no precedent plastics is observed on moldings. Set carefully the molding conditions to avoid over-packing.

NX-A2 is somewhat brittle and not suitable for molds with tall ribs/bossed.