a purging compound developed by an experienced plastics manufacturer,

CELPURGE is developed by Daicel Polymer that has been developed and manufactured various plastics, with deep and theoretical research on purging process and also with thousands of experiments.設計

a purging compound for various plastics,

CELPURGE can be applied for common plastics, engineering plastics, and for some super-engineering plastics. CELPURGE can be applied not only for cleaning of screw/barrel in injection molding machines but also for various other processing machines/systems like hot runner systems and inflation film molding and so on.

a purging compound that cleans hot runner systems very effectively,

CELPURGE make it possible to change colors thoroughly in hot runner systems, which most of conventional purging compounds cannot. Color change with molding CELPURGE actually contributes to manpower savings in automotive parts or electric machine industries.

a purging compound with obvious end-point,

The end point of purging with CELPURGE is very obvious and clear, in contrast with purging compounds with gradual paling out, it is much easier to judge end point.

a purging compound, ready-to-use in pellet shape.

You do not need prior blending or any other preparations.